Despite numerous reminders, some students are still not attending training in their compulsory training gear.

    We must ask all parents to ensure that students arrive at training with their cheer shorts, cheer trainers, have hair tied up and off their face and MUST wear their training bows to every session.

    Bows are not just worn for effect, they are also a safety precaution as this avoids students hair getting in their face OR in the way of stunts.

    As this is technically breaking club rules, the club has decided to impose a fine for all students who repeatedly come to class without their cheer bows. If a student forgets their bow –

    once a fine of £1 will be charged
    twice a fine of £2 will be charged
    Three times a fine of £5 will be charged

    All monies will go directly into club funds, however we would rather students did not have to contribute to club funds in this manner and prefer if they just remembered their full training kit.

    Additional team bows are also always available to purchase from class.

    Your support in this matter would be much appreciated.