Unfortunately due to the lack of response for assistance in organising our race night, this event has now been cancelled.

    We would however like to thank those few parents who did respond to our request.

    We have provisionally booked another date at the start of May but before we go ahead with this one we would like to ask ALL parents to respond either by e-mail, letter of telephone stating whether they are willing to help and support such an event or not. If parents are unwilling to support these events, there is no point in having them.

    The whole idea of fundraising is for the benefit of the students, whilst also saving parents the expense of having to pay in full for each and every event, camp, extra training, tumbling lessons, costumes or equipment, as at present this is being subsidised by myself and the club.

    Club fees have not been increased for 3 years and as you will be aware students only pay for 2 hours training on a Thursday when they receive nearly 3 hours and only pay for 3 hours training on a Sunday when seniors receive 4 hours. Additional training on a Friday or Wednesday is also subsidised by myself as the £2 charged to each student does not even cover the cost of the hall hire.

    In order to continue as a community group, a committee is proposed to be reinstated at the club to help organise fundraising events, if considered viable by the parents.

    We would ask therefore, that if you are interested in reducing costs for the students and wish to become a part of the committee, that you give your name to Gillian or Kerry at class, or via e-mail asap as from this point onwards, no events will be arranged by myself and invoices will be issued to students individually for full payment of any upcoming costs for new equipment, music, camps, clinics or competitions.

    If parents decide that they do not wish to take part in any fundraising events, we would ask them to sign an agreement form agreeing to pay in advance the full cost of any and all expenses required for the student during the course of the competition year.

    We hope that a committee can be reinstated at the club as it would be sad to see the students miss out on future opportunities due to lack of funds.

    If we receive significant response to reinstate a committee we shall arrange a meeting for Sunday 4th March at 6pm in Ladywood to discuss ideas and plan ahead.

    If you have any queries or questions regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Black Diamonds

    23rd February 2012 Latest News For The Public

    8 Responses to RACE NIGHT FRI 2 MARCH 2012


      I think it would be in every ones interest to attend a meeting to discuss fundraising however I would like to say until last week I was not aware that the committee was no longer and you required help to organise the event. I have also over heard that not every one has access to the website as there is a problem at login stage. Happy with 4th March to attend meeting and discuss all of the above cheers Julie Ward

        Black Diamonds

        Hi Julie, thanks for your comments.

        If you know of any parent who cannot access the website, please ask them to contact me.



      I also think it would be in every ones interest to attend the meeting to discuss fundraising as the reason the committee was no longer is that it was the same parents who did everything. When there was a committee not once can I remember someone outwith the committee other than the usual faces offering any help with fundraising events after all it was to benefit every one of the cheerleaders not just the ones who organized it. It was discussed at the January meeting about the committee and what we should do to fundraise and as yet we have had no response or ideas put forward to myself or Gillian. Myself personally thinks Gillian’s time is taken up with making up routines, putting music together and teaching the cheerleaders these routines and she should not have to think about fundraising events. So yes Julie I 100% agree that everyone who has a daughter at class should attend and help in which ever way possible. Look forward to seeing everyone there on the 4th of March .


      I can make the 4th march, I don’t know how many parents you need for a committee, but I think it should be divided up with parents from youth, junior and senior and do it for 6 months or a year and then change, then that way its not the same parents helping all the time. At the end of the day its for the girls and all the parents so we don’t have to pay out extra money.


      I will be at the meeting on the 4th and think there should be a committee to help raise funds and organise events.


      Hi we can make the meeting on the 4th march!


      It is absolutely essential that parents get together to form a committee. All fundraising is to benefit all students and help parents to pay less. Surely thats what everone wants. As we know its an expensive sport so having extra funds available to subsidise anything is always welcome and therefore fundraising is the only way to make this happen. It is not fair that the same parents are there to help out time and time again. The fundraising event in Asda was supposed to be to help the team who are going to Holland and the only parents who turned up where for those students who are not going at all. Something wrong somewhere!!!!

      Madison Hamilton

      I will be at the meeting on the 4th as I also agree that a committee is important. I would like to know when meetings for a committee would take place as I would not be able to go to a meeting in the evenings for example as I am a single parent so would have baby sitting issues. I would def be willing to be part of a committee and do my bit though. (my health permitting)