As you know we have booked the Craigiebield Hotel in Penicuik to hold a race night to raise funds for the club.

    Our previous race nights have proved extremely successful, and we hope that this one will be too.

    As it is now only 6 weeks until competition, my priority needs to be given to the students, therefore I do not have time to organise this event.

    We therefore urgently require parent helpers to organise and run this race night.

    We need tickets printed asap to enable us to start selling them. Races need to be organised and odds decided.

    Beeslack are kindly lending us their horses again, which require to be checked and collected from the school.

    A decision needs to be made whether to hold a raffle, and if so, prizes need to be donated or purchased.

    Is a buffet required? What price should tickets be sold for?

    We therefore require more than 1 person to help organise this, and would ask that if you would like to help, that you contact me asap so that we can go ahead with this event, otherwise we may need to cancel this altogether.

    The primary goal for this event is to help our students attend the European Championships in Amsterdam this summer and also boost club funds for future events and camps which cannot be achieved without your support.

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    12 Responses to **IMPORTANT** RACE NIGHT FRIDAY 2 MARCH 2012


      I will do anything I can to help.


        Black Diamonds

        Thanks Gill – if we could get a few parents to meet on Thursday at training you could decide who could do what.


      i am picking up the horses from a chap in west linton so that job is also done xxxxx


      Yeah I can help just let me know whats needed, can meet at training on Thursday nearer the end as I’m working till half 5.


      Hi me,rob and tina can help out. Thurs is also fine for us!


      I can help, but cant make Thurs im nightshift.


      I’m busy thurs but could help out cheers Julie ward