Please find detailed below our schedule for the next six weeks before Nationals. There have had to be some changes made due to hall availability.

    Please take time to make a note of these to avoid any confusion.

    Fri 24 Feb – ALL team training at Beeslack 2.30-4.30 for Youth & 2.30-5.30 for Juniors. Cost £2.

    Sun 26 Feb – ALL team training at Ladywood 3.00-6.30 for Youth & 3.00-7.00 for Seniors (these times apply every week of tumble practise).

    Sun 26 Feb – Tumble practise with Gina 3.00-4.00 Youth – 4.00-5.00 Seniors. Cost £3

    Tues 28 Feb – Senior training at Craigiebield Hotel 7.00-8.15 (this week only) Cost £2

    Tues 28 Feb – Senior hip hop training at Craigiebield Hotel 8.15-9.30 (this week only) *£20 required by each student participating in senior hip hop to purchase t-shirt and socks)*approx cost.

    Thurs 1 Mar – Youth only training at Beeslack 4.15-6.45 (these times apply weekly until competition)

    Fri 2 Mar – Junior only training at Beeslack 2.30-5.30 (these times apply weekly until competition)£1 additional cost for extra hour.

    Sun 4 Mar – ALL team training at Ladywood 3.00-6.00

    Sun 4 Mar – ALL Youth, Junior and Senior Cheer dance, hip hop and pom at Ladywood 6.00-7.00 (these times apply every week when no tumble practise).

    Wed 7 Mar – Senior training at Beeslack 7.00-8.15 (these times apply until competition) Cost £2

    Wed 7 Mar – Hip hop training at Beeslack 8.15-9.30 (these times apply until competition)

    Sat 24 Mar – ALL team training at Beeslack 12.00-4.30 (this week only)

    Sun 25 Mar – NO TRAINING AT LADYWOOD – HALL UNAVAILABLE (this week only)

    Changes may need to be made as and when required but we will keep you updated weekly on our website and through Facebook so please check these pages regularly and ALWAYS before attending class.

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      hi gillian its aimee just a message to say i checked the website and my mum wants to help out at the race night


      Hey Gillian
      Yeah I can make the meeting on the 4th.