We have been discussing with the students the possibility of trying to obtain a bid to European’s for a senior level 5 co-ed stunt routine.

    Our camp held on Sunday was extremely successful and the students worked exceptionally hard on their new level 5 pyramid that the Scotcheer staff taught them and believe they stand a good chance of winning a bid at Nationals.

    We would therefore like to know if all students who are currently in our senior team CAN, if successful attend this competition on 30th June and 1st July 2012 in Amsterdam.

    Unfortunately, we will not know if this is indeed going to happen until Nationals on 7th April but would need to know now if students are available in order to complete our routine.

    We would like to therefore, continue to fundraise on the basis that the team may get a bid for stunt team and would ask all parents and students to assist us in raising funds for this trip by any means possible.

    The more money in the funds, the less the students will have to pay!

    If we are not successful, the money will be kept in club funds and could perhaps be used to fund part of the students summer camp or future competitions.

    Please reply by e-mail to confirm whether you/your child can or cannot attend if successful.

    8th February 2012 Latest News For The Public