Can we please ask ALL students to check their Scotcheer membership cards and see when they expire.

    There are alot of students whom we know have had their memberships for 3 years and will now need to be renewed in order to compete in April.

    Application forms are available at class for all those students requiring to renew their memberships.

    All NEW students will also be required to obtain a Scotcheer membership – if you do not have one, please ask your coach for a form.

    ALL new and renewal memberships must be handed in by the end of FEBRUARY 2012.

    8th January 2012 Latest News For The Public



      Hi gillian – Just looked at Kenzie’s Sotcheer card and says on the side next to the photo “ID Card Expires Dec 2011” – we only got this in Oct/Nov – should I be concerned? Thanks Amanda

        Black Diamonds

        Hi Amanda,

        Not a problem, will get this sorted as it definately should not have that date on it.

        Thanks for checking.