Our last full team training session will be on THURSDAY 9 November at Beeslack from 4-7pm.

    Newsletters were handed out to the students on Sunday with all the information regarding the competition. Some of the youth students may not have received a copy of this. If you have not received a copy, please e-mail me and I will send you a copy. This newsletter will also be published on this website.

    Spectator tickets have also arrived and will be handed out at class on Thursday. Please do not lose these bands as you must wear them around your wrist at all times or you will be unable to enter the venue.

    We would ask all students to ensure that they check they have everything they need ie,

    Cheer outfits,
    Cheer bows,
    Trainers (please ensure these are clean and check laces are not worn/damaged)
    Tan jazz shoes (for youth and junior cheer dance only)
    Pom outfits (juniors only)
    Open outfits (senior only) black leotard, black tights (bring a spare pair as well), black hair net, black shorts and black jazz shoes
    Any outfits required for duets or trios
    Plenty of kirby grips
    Team hoody, joggers and t-shirt
    Scotcheer ID Pass – Students must have their ID cards with them at all times to gain entry into the hall.
    Bag – students are responsible for their own belongings and are asked to write their names on ALL their outfits and keep ALL items in a bag under their seats at all times.

    Please also remember that any students getting a fake tan before comp MUST have at least 2-3 showers before they put their outfits on at competition to avoid staining their outfits.

    7th November 2011 Latest News For The Public