We have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity of getting a top Scottish gymnastic coach to come along and assist the girls with their tumbling skills prior to competition.

    The students are all doing extremely well with their tumbling on our tumble track, some nearly able to backflip!, but they now need to work on performing their skills on a proper floor before they go to competition.

    Gina Beck has been the coach for various Scottish teams over many years, and this camp will be valuable for the students in building their confidence to perform on the floor.

    ALL competition team members should attend this camp on SATURDAY 17 SEPTEMBER 2011.

    We do appreciate that this is short notice, but as you can imagine, Gina is very hard to get hold of, so we must take any opportunity we can.

    The camp will take place at LADYWOOD LEISURE CENTRE FROM 2.15 TO 5.15 ON SATURDAY 17 SEPTEMBER 2011.The cost of this camp will be £20 per student.

    We have suggested to the students that they bring in all their odd coppers and silver, as they will be surprised how much this will add up to and they can offset this against their camp fee.

    Please let us know asap if you CANNOT attend.