Please find listed below competition details for this season.


    ACDC – Meadowbank Stadium Sat 12 March

    Youth Stunt Level 2 – £25

    Youth Cheer Dance 1 & 2 *PROVISIONAL* – no extra cost

    Stunt Groups – £10 each

    Solo, Duets (Cheer, Open, Hip Hop) – £12

    £10 Deposit required by 25th January 2011



    Futurecheer – Ingliston Exhibition Centre Sun 3 April

    Senior Stunt Level 3 – £25 per athlete

    Stunt Groups – £18 each

    £10 Deposit required before 27th February 2011



    Scotcheer National Championships – SECC Glasgow Sat 16 & Sun 17 April

    Youth Stunt Level 2

    Junior Stunt Level 3

    Senior Stunt Level 3

    Your Cheer Dance 1

    Youth Cheer Dance 2

    Junior Cheer Dance

    Youth Pom Dance

    Senior Pom Dance

    Solo's (Limited spaces Cheer, Pom, Hip Hop)

    Stunt Groups

    Date for deposit  and costs involved are still to be confirmed


    Any student unable to attend the above competitions, MUST inform their coach asap.



    We have decided that it is too short notice for both parents and students to attend the European Open Championships in Prague this year, but the club would definately like to participate in this next year.


    We will be discussing this option at our parent's meeting on 25th January.